We have a lot to be thankful for at Sköna HQ.

A new San Francisco office, amazing clients, a growing group of teammates… the list goes on and on. In the spirit of the season, we asked some of our leadership team to share what they were most grateful for, personally and professionally.

Minnie – Senior Digital Designer & Strategist

“I’m truly thankful for the team. We have a great culture and I feel inspired and supported every step of the way! I’m both proud and thankful that we’re pushing each other to grow as a team in so many aspects. I’m also thankful for my loved ones and being strong and healthy. Sounds cheesy, but life is a beautiful journey and I’m just grateful for being

Janessa – Senior Creative Director

“I am thankful for the Sköna team. Having been with Sköna for a very long time, sometimes it’s scary to see change. But as we have grown and added new people, the culture grows with us in such beautiful ways. Our values can be felt through the team, and I’m thankful we don’t have a fear-based culture. I truly believe we each know we’re doing our best and we support each other through fun and challenging projects. Troubleshooting together, finding the best solutions to move forward, and generally seeing the amazing work our talented team comes up with continues to make me feel lucky to be with Sköna.”

Alison M. – Creative Strategist

“I am thankful for how much I get to learn from our clients. We have such a variety of different disciplines and specialties within B2B technology. I never thought I’d know about data science and cloud warehouses, trucking, HR, or product testing in the capacity that I do. I feel very lucky to be able to immerse myself in these worlds – that learning and listening is something I get paid for is still beyond me. I’m soaking up a ton of information that I can use for the future: professionally, personally, and for Jeopardy-competing reasons!”

Alan – Executive Creative Director

“I’m thankful for all the people I work and collaborate with – both our team and our clients. I’m also very thankful for my family and framily. While we had to be physically people-phobic the past couple years, it’s also ironically when I’ve gotten closer to loved ones and am more grateful than ever for them being in my life. Here’s to more happiness and laughing all around!”

Anna – General Manager, Sköna Europe

“I am thankful that we were able to bring back our global retreat tradition and gather the team in California in September! We have successfully maintained and built our culture over Zoom and Slack during the last two-and-a-half years, and welcomed and onboarded more new employees than ever before. But getting everyone together for fun and play, exchanging ideas and experiences, and building relationships was so valuable. I think everyone left feeling fulfilled and inspired by this amazing team!”

Jenny – CEO & Cofounder

“Professionally, I’m most grateful for the Sköna transition – it feels like we’ve properly graduated this year to being a “real” company! We have process and structure. We have people allocated to tasks. Not everyone reports to me. And it took me a few years to learn, but I now feel that I can trust the process. Every time I freak out, I take a deep breath and remind myself to trust. Trust that things will get done. Trust that people will step up. Then the most amazing thing happens – it all comes true! 19 years ago, Scott and I had a dream and a sole client willing to pay us $1,000 a month. Every year since then has been fun and challenging in its own way. But the most profound changes for me have come to fruition this year.”

alive, honestly!”

Alison C. – Group Account Director

“Professionally, I am thankful for the Sköna culture and how we treat each other as colleagues and friends. I feel heard, trusted, respected, and empowered every day. It feels great to be on this team! In my personal life, I’m thankful that a happy and healthy baby was born and doing fantastic! I’m also thankful for wine.”

Janessa – Senior Creative Director

“And I’m thankful for gravy on everything.”


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