A sophisticated presentation for Systecon

Over the last 50 years, Systecon has built up a solid reputation and an impressive customer list, primarily within the defense industry, as a leading provider of Life Cycle Management (LCM) analysis software. What began as a small-scale exercise for Sköna to refresh branding and communication to better reflect Systecon’s core values and the quality of their market-leading Opus Suite product became a more radical redesign to more comprehensively address their marketing needs.


  • Brand
  • Strategy


Sköna needed to align the quality and sophistication of Systecon’s leading product, Opus Suite, with their external communication. The new look and messaging had to clearly express Opus Suite’s benefits to non-LCM specialist decision makers across a wide range of industries without oversimplifying the product or alienating the company’s existing user base.


We conducted an in-depth review of Systecon’s existing materials and identified the need for a more radical revamp to align the brand with the company’s core values. Using a subtle color palette, accented with bright contrasting highlights, Sköna created a clean and robust new design language, incorporating elements suggestive of data analytics that speaks to the confidence, competence, and market leadership that Systecon embodies with their flagship product. Brand communications lead with a clear, confident voice that resonates across industries, informing the messaging framework, brand guidelines, and expression.


Systecon gained assets that appeal to both C-level executives in a wide range of industries and the company’s core customer base of defense LCM specialists. Their brand identity clearly and consistently reflects the quality of their product and communicates their core values of precision, trust, and innovation, neatly encapsulated in their new tagline: ‘Don’t Guess. Know.’

“Our business is complex, but Sköna managed to grasp the essence of the value we offer our clients and translate it into clear, compelling messaging and design that is genuinely representative of our brand and the quality of our product. We are now set to reach a wider, global audience with confidence.”
Oskar Tengö, Director of Brand Development, Systecon Group