With most of our work and preparation for GDPR behind us, we came across “An Ode to GDPR” and had to share.

Twas the night before GDPR, and throughout the UK
Employers were panicked, hoping their compliance was OK.
Security and Procedures have been checked with care
But it was still pretty daunting knowing by morning the law would be there!
Directors were restless, tossing and turning in their beds,
whilst visions of million pound fines danced in their heads.
The DPO’s are ready to embrace their new role
whilst marketing teams look aged as the stress takes its toll.
No one denies that the change in legislation is better – for sure,
but let’s admit now that the process has been a chore.
Updating policy documents is not our idea of fun
But the ICO has told us that it needs to be done.
So alas, we are here, the night before D-Day.
Gone are the days where personal data goes astray.
Hopefully your efforts will not have been in vain…
Because GDPR has been a right f***king pain!

A major thank you to u/TheAngelsCry for this. You can view the original here.

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