Our Services

How brave B2B brands come to life

From strategy to brand development to digital experiences and integrated campaigns, we bring it all together in one place.

Strategy and messaging

What makes you tick? What are your mission, vision, and values? Working together with your marketing team we find the nuggets and synthesize them into frameworks that can work across every touchpoint that’s distinctly you.

  • Brand blueprints & expressions
  • Campaign strategy
  • Messaging frameworks & copywriting
  • Brand stories & boilerplates
  • Persona Book & buyer journeys

Brand development

We develop brands with purpose and authenticity. We build your essence, and visualize your brand personality that cuts through to the right market and audience with excitement and consistency.

  • Brand systems
  • Logo design
  • Brand collateral and templates
  • Brand books and guidelines
  • Motion ID packages

Websites and digital experiences

Technology moves fast. Today’s darling is tomorrow’s has-been. Which is why we’re tech agnostic. Our team of digital designers and developers provides cutting-edge, smart UX/UI design, and back-end troubleshooting. We follow the latest best practices to create the best user experiences for you and your customers.

  • Information architecture
  • UX strategy
  • UI/UX design
  • Front & back-end developmentt
  • Testing & quality assurance

Experiential and event design

Many B2B brands today were born in the cloud and exist only in the digital world. Events and experiences offer an opportunity for people to engage with you and your brand one-on-one that help drive traffic, leads, impressions and a strong long-lasting connection with your company.

  • Conference & event branding
  • Event activations & videos
  • Trade booths
  • Signage & wraps
  • Office branding
Mercuri International

Campaign development & activation

This is where we push your brand, message and offering into the world, and most importantly, your audience. It starts with a ‘big idea’ that builds into an impactful story the sets you apart. Then we activate across any medium be it outdoor, social, or video.

  • Campaign platforms
  • Integrated campaigns and activations
  • Social and digital campaigns
  • BrandGen™ and demandgen campaigns
  • Out-of-home
  • Video, animation and motion graphics
SF-Marin Food Bank

Our clients

Lars Christensen, VP of Marketing & Demand Generation, Snowflake
Vanessa Mayer, Telavox
Lisa Berg Rydsbo, CMO, Omada
Maria Stokes, Director of Marketing and Communications, SF-Marin-Foodbank
Emil Andersson, Head of Marketing, Findity

Why work with Sköna?

We’re pragmatic visionaries with Swedish roots and Silicon Valley swag. We believe everyone should have a voice and egos are best left at the door. It’s the Swedish way. Our creative ideas are infused with empathy, mutual respect, and wild, free-thinking openness. It’s how we build brands for the better.

Let’s create something glorious together

We're your creative partner and an extension to your marketing team: a perfect combination of Scandinavian sensibility and pragmatic Silicon Valley approach to power up your growth—for you and your company.