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Mobilizing community with SF-Marin Food Bank

The San Francisco-Marin Food Bank (SFMFB) works tirelessly to end hunger in a region where one in five people (pre-pandemic) is food insecure. Sköna and SFMFB have collaborated since 2014 and the 2021 holiday campaign, executed for local transit with the goal of staying top of mind during the giving season, is very close to our hearts.


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The COVID-19 pandemic had drastic effects on the SFMFB, from their operations to the sheer number of people in need—and effectively blunted the impact of their 2019 and 2020 campaigns. The 2021 holiday campaign had to spur donations and further spread the SFMFB brand across the Bay Area. With more people in need, we needed to bring in more donors to help.



Sköna looked to the real people involved in operating SFMFB to drive home the campaign theme: ‘It Takes a Community’. The campaign spotlights the special individuals who comprise SFMFB and embody the Food Bank’s mission of ‘Food for All’—from policy to programs, pantry partners to donors, and volunteers to participants. We captured their diversity, authentic warmth, and spirit through local, community-involved photographer Alison Christiana. Tone-on-tone styling of props and wardrobe elevated the SFMFB brand and their local impact.


The creative represented a memorable pivot away from the trials and travails of COVID-19. The campaign was also extended to digital banners, print, and internal materials, as well as the website, annual report, and additional community placements soon to be cruising the streets of San Francisco. Sköna is proud to continue to work with SFMFB on brand awareness and digital projects.

Sköna’s partnership is crucial & resulted in direct growth in reach, engagement, and donations.
Maria Stokes, Director of Marketing and Communications, SF-Marin-Foodbank

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