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Hej hej! We’re Sköna, a full-service B2B creative agency with 20+ years of experience building authentic, standout brands that customers love.
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Branding Snowflake for massive scale

Snowflake offers businesses of any size, in any industry, the opportunity to be truly data-driven. Since 2016, we’ve helped build the Snowflake brand for every stage of their journey as they evolved from an unknown player to Silicon Valley unicorn to the largest software IPO in history.


Humanizing Alteryx for everyone

Alteryx empowers analytics automation, enabling anyone in an organization to analyze data and deliver breakthrough outcomes. Sköna helped Alteryx develop a campaign platform – a rallying cry for brand, demand gen, and sales that keeps the team excited, focused, and united for the next chapter and the year to come.


Unleashing the magic of Unsupervised

Unsupervised is the world’s largest supplier of AI solutions, automating analytics so enterprise companies can analyze their data to discover actionable opportunities. Unsupervised needed a new, cohesive brand that better represented who they wanted to be, how they wanted to look, and what their product does.


Sköna is excellent at what they do. They quickly understood where we wanted to go with our new brand and stayed flexible throughout the process. The n...

We have had several significant brand revisions with Sköna. It’s really consistency that drives a brand. Sköna is that consistency.

Sköna is there every step of the way, going the extra mile to craft a brand we are truly proud of.

Sköna grasped our vision & exceeded expectations, always going that extra mile. We are extremely proud of our new brand identity.

Sköna went to great lengths to build bold messaging and a design to showcase who we are and where we're going.

Sköna assembled to reimagine and recreate the iMerit site. They are among the best I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Sköna’s partnership is crucial & resulted in direct growth in reach, engagement, and donations.

Our new brand showcases a bold new visual identity that perfectly aligns with the next phase of our journey.

Emil Andersson, Head of Marketing, Findity
Senior Vice President, Marketing - Demand Generation and Growth
Lisa Berg Rydsbo, CMO, Omada
Daniela Vidakovic Lundin, Global Marketing Manager, Mercuri International
Vanessa Mayer, Telavox
Mark Papia, Director of Content & Communications, iMerit
Maria Stokes, Director of Marketing and Communications, SF-Marin-Foodbank
Lisa Berg Rydsbo, CMO, Omada

Our Clients

Senior Vice President, Marketing - Demand Generation and Growth
Vanessa Mayer, Telavox
Lisa Berg Rydsbo, CMO, Omada
Maria Stokes, Director of Marketing and Communications, SF-Marin-Foodbank
Emil Andersson, Head of Marketing, Findity

Ideas for a creative world

The latest Skona thoughts, tinkerings, and reflections.

A large building displays a "Snowflake" logo and "Data Cloud Summit 2024" on the front of the building. A branded truck and attendees are visible below. The design includes mountain and gondola graphics.

Snowflake Summit 2024: An Investment in the Moments

A graphic of an off-white apple and an off-white pear with a pink background.

B2B OR B2C? Potato or Potato?

Crafting a Distinctive Brand Experience: Strategies from the RSA Conference

The A and I in Advertising!

The Three Most Important Questions in B2B Marketing

abstract illustration of exploding energy

We’re feeling all the feelings!


This is Sköna

We’re pragmatic visionaries with Swedish roots and Silicon Valley swag. We believe everyone should have a voice and egos are best left at the door. It’s the Swedish way. Our creative ideas are infused with empathy, mutual respect, and wild, free-thinking openness. It’s how we build brands for the better.

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