Stepping out with RollWorks

RollWorks was founded in 2018 as a subsidiary of NextRoll, with the goal of being the world’s best SaaS-first, account-based marketing (ABM) platform. A few years later, they were ready to level up and move away from their parent branding with a unique personality, a clear, cohesive voice of their own, and a new website to showcase it.


  • Brand
  • Digital
  • Strategy


RollWorks had been pigeonholed as a media company and lacked a standalone identity. Their main competitors in a crowded ABM space had more brand awareness and clearer positioning. The new RollWorks brand would need to establish their own unique qualities to stand apart from the competition.


Sköna completed a brand blueprint with key stakeholders and identified a specific request to be a modern “groovy” brand. We honed into a brand essence of ‘Progress’, as Rollworks embodies forward movement and growth. Layers of bold, colorful designs are created on a framework of systematic precision – a mix that fuses strong visuals and rich progressive concepts. Elements are treated to add depth and dimension to suggest the steps of progress.


RollWorks’ new brand garnered internal raves for bringing their complete vision to life. Not only are they able to claim a leadership stake in their industry with striking visuals and an approachable communication style, but their internal creative team has a platform to develop compelling materials now and in the future. RollWorks has stepped out of the shadow of their parent company to be themselves – with a distinctive brand fitting for a distinctive business.

Let's build a brave brand.