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Telavox provides communications solutions for telephony, switchboards, and chat. We began working with them in 2019 to shape a new-but-familiar Telavox brand from the ground up that showcased their unique qualities and strengthened their positioning with a refreshed appearance and messaging.


  • Brand
  • Digital
  • Strategy


Telavox needed to shift their positioning from a telco company to a tech/SaaS company, clarify their messaging, and create a strong, unique, and modern brand that stood out from its competitors – all while merging their two separate Flow and Televox brands into a single, coherent one.



We began an in-depth discovery process, complete with internal and external stakeholder interviews, to uncover what defined Telavox: easy-to-use products built to create truly happy customers. All brand elements needed to reflect these fundamental facets of their identity. We focused design around a minimal palette (purposefully economical to mirror the ease of Telavox products), plus strong graphic elements, including hand-drawn illustrations to add a human touch. Messaging was simple and powerful: crisp sentences, no jargon, and direct explanations of complex ideas to clearly show the customer how the platform could improve their workday.


We delivered Televox a cohesive brand strategy, including persona development, messaging architecture, a new visual identity and website, collateral templates, and a brand launch video that reflected the company’s transparency in every detail and 100% aligned with the values that define their product. Every word, image, color, and click points towards the end goal – great workdays and happy customers. The approach paid off: in 2020, Sköna and Telavox won the Transform Nordics Gold Award for Best Brand Development Project to reflect changed mission values, or positioning.

Sköna went to great lengths to build bold messaging and a design to showcase who we are and where we're going.
Vanessa Mayer, Telavox

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