Expanding Couchbase brand appeal

Couchbase is the cloud database platform for modern applications. Their Capella platform lets organizations build applications quickly that deliver better customer experiences while spending less time on database management efforts. Couchbase wanted to break out beyond their established audience to address a broader market, specifically increase awareness with developers, with a brand refresh.


  • Brand
  • Digital
  • Strategy


Couchbase was experiencing a perceived lack of consistency across its corporate brand and its Capella and Developer sub-brands. Combined with an uncertain, volatile market, and keeping in mind internal execution, the pressure was on to deliver something that brought cohesion across the board – creating brands with enough universal features to remain consistent, while also reflecting and speaking to each target audience.


We identified Couchbase’s pain points, goals, and the key pillars from which to evolve the brand then created a visual language built from coding symbols (a nod to Couchbase’s technical refinement), warm colors, and photography to communicate their approachability. The new brand system celebrates the high-performance, scalable, modern database – syncing seamlessly from cloud to edge and empowering developers to do their best work along the way.


Couchbase launched its brand internally to broad acclaim and then introduced it to the world. It immediately stood out among the greens and blues of its competitors, communicating its essence of Easy Excellence and leaving no mistake about its status as an industry leader for agile development and innovation.

Let's build a brave brand.