A high-tech rebrand for iMerit

iMerit needed a rebrand and new website to reflect their position as an international leader in data annotation. We worked to shed misconceptions about the company while showcasing their quality and specialization across key verticals like autonomous vehicles, medical AI, and geospatial technology.


  • Brand
  • Digital
  • Strategy


iMerit had evolved from a nonprofit focused on providing jobs in tech to women and underrepresented communities in Kolkata to a for-profit market leader in data annotation. They required a brand that better reflected their status as an international market leader while shedding the misconception that they were simply a crowdsourcing data-labeling company.


We delved deep into the company’s mission, vision, and people, via interviews and workshops, and soon realized that iMerit was a true bastion of the Silicon Valley spirit. This insight shaped an intuitive brand reflected in a website full of flexible UI and cutting-edge design. Golden ratio circles, line shapes, grids, and patterns reinforce iMerit’s technological leadership and mathematical accuracy, while secondary imagery balances the tech emphasis with iMerit’s focus on its people.


We refined iMerit’s brand persona to reflect their new positioning as a high-quality data annotation partner and technology expert. The redesigned website is now a valuable sales tool, with updated copy, content, and design that enable clearer communication with target audience groups while repositioning iMerit exactly as they wish to be seen – a strategic partner and expert for global AI initiatives.

Sköna assembled to reimagine and recreate the iMerit site. They are among the best I’ve had the pleasure of working with.
Mark Papia, Director of Content & Communications, iMerit

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