Illustrating a Special Snowflake Summit 2022

Snowflake Summit remains the biggest event of the year on the Snowflake calendar. The event itself has evolved from a humble 500-person gathering to one attended by almost 10,000 people today. After a two year pivot to virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Summit 2022 was the first live, in-person, large-scale event since 2019: a chance to bring together partners, customers, evangelists, fans, and analysts to celebrate, educate, and get hands-on with Snowflake.


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We have been working with Snowflake on Summit since its inception, establishing a recognizable brand: aspirational; incorporating landscape imagery, references to mountains, a blue-centric color scheme, and more. But the first big event in two years warranted a celebration of togetherness and collaboration that appealed equally to both seasoned attendees and new converts. It needed to cement Summit as the event to attend in 2022.


Celebrating togetherness meant developing a new theme: ‘The World of Data Collaboration’. Rather than focus on images or photography as in previous iterations of Summit, we worked with an illustrator to create a whimsical, playful Snowflake world where dimension, distance, and time did not apply. Full of custom graphics and brand elements, ‘The World of Data Collaboration’ was a place where any and everything could happen – an evolution of the previous Summit brand that recognized the special things that are possible when people can work together.


Leaning into illustration was a new look for Summit, but one that was as recognizable and on brand as previous events. Equal parts custom and ownable, the revamped identity for Summit 2022 was fitting for a special event that Snowflake could be proud of and excited about – a magical reintroduction to the world of collaboration and togetherness that defines Summit and Snowflake.

Snowflake Summit user conference branding
Snowflake Summit user conference branding
Illustration highlights
Illustration highlights
The Snowflake Summit '22 Prospectus
The Snowflake Summit '22 Prospectus

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