Your accommodation options just got a little more expansive on Airbnb. A campaign love letter to Airbnb and Forsman & Bodenfors.

If you haven’t heard, Sweden has listed the entire country on Airbnb. And it’s brilliant. Sweden, at a glance, is well known for its design and sophistication, but as an American who has gotten to know Sweden in a different way (our office is slowly being taken over by Swedes… in the best way possible), I’ve come to love the country and its people for their undeniable quirkiness. Proof: Google ‘words that describe Sweden’ and you’ll find fun entries like, “Mountains and ice”, “Mountains and rivers”, “Forests and rivers”, “Forests and lakes”, “Forests and fields”, or simply just, “Fields”. And if Malmö is feeling left out, “Nature, nature, nature, Malmö, nature, nature.” Clearly, the focus for this campaign was superb and playing to Sweden’s strengths and abilities to balance style and humor.

Beyond that, the delivery mechanism through Airbnb is a smart leverage of technology. It dovetails right into the overall goals by targeting the audience that already wants to travel, with Sweden as an excellent destination to land on.

It should be said that this isn’t an excuse to abuse technology for the sole purpose of getting a message out into the world. Ask Google and all of the furious Google Home device owners (Or Alexa for that matter). But using creative ways to connect with your target audience is exactly what we love to do here at Sköna. Start crazy and then reel in to make sure everything checks out and makes sense for who we’re trying to reach.

Information about Freedom to Roam

I am ever more inspired by Now Visit Sweden (the country’s global marketing department) and agency Forsman & Bodenfors, because of the creativity and inescapable draw to Sweden which the campaign was so perfectly able to capture. The tie-in with Airbnb only solidified my love and respect for the way Swedes think, do, create and honor their great home — all without taking themselves too seriously. Here at Sköna, we like to think we do that too, with an added expertise in all things Silicon Valley. So look out, you might just see something where you least expect it.

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