Getting Personal with GetAccept

GetAccept is an “all-in-one digital sales room solution”, providing a personalized, engaging remote sales experience that streamlines pipelines and enables salespeople to close more deals. On the back of a new brand identity, GetAccept came to Sköna for help with a campaign that emphasized the personal nature of successful sales – a problem in the world of B2B, where remote selling can feel, well, remote.


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Real relationships are vital to successful digital sales. GetAccept’s campaign needed to reflect the company’s identity, beliefs, and friendly personality while allowing the target audience to recognize themselves in the creative – striking a balance between authenticity and play to inject a sense of humanity.


After an extensive discovery phase, we developed ‘Sell As You Are’ – a campaign focused on the idea that all workers are more than just job titles, and can bring their whole selves to work. Bold digital ads spliced buttoned-up stock photos and sales stereotypes with hobby-focused imagery, augmented by playful illustrated touches. The juxtaposition between professional and personal – two halves of a true whole – blurred the lines between day jobs and personal time, lifted by clean, minimal typography and simple colors in the creative.


“Sell As You Are” successfully differentiated GetAccept from other sales platforms while reflecting their engaging, friendly personality in a world that all too often feels impersonal. With striking-but-friendly imagery, the campaign reinforced GetAccept’s authentic self and fundamental belief that every sales transaction ultimately comes down to personal relationship building. 

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