Driving traffic that sticks with Oxceed

Oxceed is an intuitive tool for financial professionals that empowers users with simpler, quicker reporting. Users can easily create real-time, customized financial reports and decision materials that save them from being mired in endless details and give them time back to discern key business insights.


  • Brand
  • Campaign
  • Strategy


Oxceed needed to spike their recognition within Sweden to secure continued growth and tackle increased competition. They wanted a strong, sticky brand message to resonate with their audience and keep them front of mind for an eventual purchasing decision – a perfect match for BrandGen™ – plus design recommendations that both supported their new-and-improved product UI and pushed the brand forward with a distinct personality.


We developed a creative concept and BrandGen™ campaign for 2023 that leveraged the Oxceed brand now while building recall for later. Sköna located Oxceed’s unique place in a crowded market, streamlined their offerings, and pinpointed targets, then communicated them with “No Big Deal”, a campaign celebrating how last-minute, borderline impossible requests from the boss are no longer a source of panic – you’re always ready for the board meeting or the next ‘quick’ download with the CEO with Oxceed.


“No Big Deal” launched to immediate impact in September 2023: in the first four months, search impressions for the term ‘Oxceed’ surged by an impressive 45% compared to the previous year, with direct traffic experiencing an extraordinary 65% increase. Along with surging interest from potential prospects at events, the replicable campaign concept (and accompanying guide) delivered a strategic foundation for Oxceed to deliver consistency and future success in additional ads. 

Let's build a brave brand.