Keeping things rolling with Rollbar

Rollbar was founded in 2012 as a cloud-based bug tracking solution to help development teams find and fix errors more quickly. After taking on Series B funding, the team had momentum and a compelling value proposition – a nine-times increase in deployment frequency from their customers – but needed structure and help scaling output for growth.


  • Brand
  • Digital
  • Strategy


Rollbar protects apps from bugs, errors, and threats during builds and once the product goes live. They needed a brand that would position the company as a key player in the marketplace and help them get up and running at the speed of growth while staying true to their business identity.


We began with a brand audit and assessment to uncover the authentic Rollbar – a truly modern, trustworthy, and supportive brand that has a head-turning ‘Whoa!’ factor. We revamped their logo to better reference the safety structure on cars that gives Rollbar its name, mirroring the safeguard the company offers its customers. We developed a lively visual brand system with abstract backgrounds alluding to precision, and employed bold blues and electric brights to give a sense of velocity befitting the rapid development and deployment facilitated by their product. 


Rollbar now possesses a brand that’s equally relevant today and in the future. It’s bold but flexible; adept at communicating who Rollbar is to different audiences while differentiating them from their competitors, presenting their core values of honesty and trustworthiness in every design choice. Brand assets and templates to scale output can be used more freely and effectively by a variety of stakeholders, so Rollbar can continue to reinforce who they are: makers of a product both loved by developers and trusted by enterprises.

Let's build a brave brand.