Making Snowboards the talk of the town

In 2017, Bay Area billboards looked pretty much like the rest of the country – mostly movie promotions and ads for consumer packaged goods. Snowflake shifted all that. Sköna created a memorable campaign that changed the nature of OOH advertising in Silicon Valley, beginning with Snowflake’s announcement of the groundbreaking Data Sharing product. With “Mi Data es Su Data”, we were off and running – and still going today.


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Snowflake placed a media buy in the heart of Silicon Valley. We knew that a lot of tech industry people would see the billboards, but we also knew we’d be in front of soccer moms and their kids stuck in traffic. We had to ensure we spoke to our tech audience without alienating the rest of the world.


Snowflake is a values-driven company. One of those values is Think Big, and we focused on doing the same for this campaign. That meant taking risks, being funny and relevant, but also homing in on the great things Snowflake means for your data. Balancing culturally relevant messaging while maintaining focus on the product allowed us to both reach our target audience and make an impression with those outside the industry.


The campaign struck a nerve and is still going strong – it also won the 2019 Forbes Best 101 Billboard Award. Its broad appeal means the billboards may elicit a chuckle or reaction from people who don’t need Snowflake’s Data Cloud (or may never need it), while also creating brand awareness that positions Snowflake as first choice if and when someone needs their product. A campaign that has been the envy of many Silicon Valley CEOs, Snowflake continues to maintain a billboard presence on the 101 in San Francisco and outside the Lincoln Tunnel in New York, where we create witty (and just the right amount of risky), true-to-brand billboards that never lose focus on selling Snowflake’s superior offering.

Let's build a brave brand.