This month, we’re pleased to announce that we have three (count em, three!) different client billboards live in the Bay Area.

With a literal sea of boards to compete against, we’re proud to have developed creative for three truly standout boards along the 101.

Snowflake took a bold stance this month with an in-your-face message asking people to “Tear Down This Wall”. Riffing off the 1987 Reagan reference to bring down the Berlin Wall, we’ve put a new spin on things with a reference to breaking data barriers to unite people with their data.

For MariaDB, we went down a playful route and came up with the fun and snappy “Toot Toot” headline to announce their presence as a key player to look out for in the database server game. Water imagery connects back to the seal logo and underlying sea theme.

Lob wanted to let people know that they are the experts in APIs, with products that help bridge the gap between the offline and online worlds. Knowing that, we came up with a few smart and pithy headlines such as “Hey Old Ways. Meet APIs”, “API and Done” And “APIs Bring Offline, Online”. With a great media buy across San Francisco, it’s hard to miss Lob’s strong presence.

Make sure to get out there and see them for yourself while everything’s still live this month!

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