Every culture and language has their idioms – the sayings that don’t make any sense on the surface to non-natives. They could be about the weather or geography (or anything, really), but the one thing they have in common is that if you’ve been raised with them, you don’t really question them! They just make sense.

Having two Sköna offices in different countries means we can’t take cultural differences for granted. We can’t tell our San Francisco colleagues to chill – there’s no cow on the ice. Nor can we wish our Stockholmers good luck before a meeting by telling them to break a leg.

But the beauty of having an international team is the wonderful cross-pollination that happens: of ideas, of ways of thinking, of idioms and sensibilities. We’ve called San Francisco home for 20 years and year by year, we’ve tried to make it just a little more Swedish – a little more egalitarian, a little more transparent, and perhaps a little more gutsy. And in the last six years, some San Francisco influence has made our Stockholm office a little more gregarious, a little louder, and a little more fun!

We’re proud of our roots on both sides and love our Swenglish way of being! So send us your best idiom – if it passes muster, we’ll send you a Swenglish shirt!

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