The 2023 Sköna Halloween Champ is…

Never Mores

Halloween is an exciting day at the Sköna offices because of the unknowns. We all work late into the night on our costumes and wait patiently for the big reveal. Whether it’s pictures of costumes arriving from Sweden or San Francisco Skönsters walking through the office doors with their latest awe-inspiring looks, this year was no different. Now, the people have spoken: they voted for smart, sarcastic, and a little dead inside – the duo from Nevermore Academy!

We needed to hear a little more about how they arrived at such amazing ensembles, so we went directly to the spooky sources, Mocky and Marc.

How did you guys decide on the costume this year?

Mocky: We actually came up with the costume theme independently and happened to chat about it and decided to team up! A happenstance that worked in our favor.

Marc: I wanted to do something more recognizable this year – in the past have done video game-themed costumes that were detailed but not everyone knew the characters, so I didn’t get many unsolicited votes. And like Mocky said, we chatted and realized we were both doing Wednesday costumes so we decided to team up!

What’s your review of the show?

Mocky: The Addams Family is a classic! I enjoyed the show but especially loved Wednesday’s independent character, stoic and deadpan expressions.

Marc: I like the spinoff of being at the school, and the vibes of it. Almost gives me Scooby Doo vibes, I dig it. And Jenna Ortega kills it as Wednesday.

How are you feeling now that you’ve taken home the honored win??

Mocky: Well, this was only my second year and after coming in 4th last year? It’s a big deal. It’s going to set the bar for 2024. But there’s a whole year of bragging rights ’til then.

Marc: I’m pretty stoked, I’ve done 9 years of Sköna Halloween, came in second or third a few times, and always put a lot of effort into the details of my costumes, so I’m happy to finally take home the trophy. I am usually humble, but the office is going to be hearing about this win for awhile!

Thank you all for having another year of Halloween fun with us. We can’t wait to see what gets cooked up next year!  


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