It’s about coffee, snacks, and mostly, a well-deserved break.

It’s been quite the year. We’ve had collective highs and lows and here we are in the midst of a pandemic. It’s retrospective, to say the least – we’re sorting out what’s next, how to work, how to cope with not working, what we value, and what we realize we may want to leave behind in pre-COVID19 society. One thing we know needs to be carried forward forever is fika. Fika saves our sanity. Fika brings joy.

Research shows that Swedes are less stressed in comparison to other countries due to their fika breaks – with help from other things too but still – fika is a proven mood booster. There’s really no downside to taking a fika break. It’s beneficial to your mental health, mood, and productivity. Basically, it’s helping make better business.

What is Fika?

Fika is a Swedish legacy, a verb, and a noun – the act of taking a break, taking off your work or thinking caps for a minute to enjoy a coffee and treat together with family, friends, or coworkers. It’s a chance to briefly unwind and recharge and for a lot of us, get another healthy dose of caffeine and a sweet treat.

How do I Fika?

It’s simple. It’s sweet. It’s refreshing. Just like fika should be.

  • Carry on throughout your day as usual. Enjoy your morning, get the kids off to virtual classes, take Fido out for a walk, and get to work. But set a time for a fika break later in the day. Typically, fika is around 3 in the afternoon if you want to be on-trend.
  • Your set time rolls around. Put whatever you’re doing aside, grab a coffee or tea and a sweet treat. Maybe all the quarantine banana bread we all know you’ve been binging on?
  • Treat yourself and your brain to a much-needed and well-deserved break.

Fika with us

Times are uncertain. Fika doesn’t have to be. We aren’t sure when we’ll get to fika together in real life at the office again but that doesn’t mean fika stops. We’re doing zoom fikas too – send us a message here if you want to fika too! What we do know is that to work well, you have to put yourself first and not overwork yourself. It’s all about “lagom” – when it’s just right. A balance in work and life. So here’s to fika – may it live on through all ups, downs and pandemics.

Need Fika inspiration?

We’ve got a whole site for that. Check it out here. You can even get classic fika recipes to try out at home. Enough with the bread, make yourself a chocolate ball, some Swedish kanelbullar (cinnamon rolls) or grandma’s favorite dammsugare – translated means “vacuum cleaners” but trust us it’s not.

Get our favorite recipes here and we’re looking forward to having a virtual fika together sometime soon!

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