Now this can be interpreted numerous ways, one of which may seem a bit disrespectful and may threaten the lifeblood of an agency. But I will attempt to diffuse this immediately by giving huge props to the folks at Snowflake – a client of Skona’s – for their part in both an effective and creatively aggressive outdoor campaign launching their Data Sharehouse product.

I’d like to say that after hours of brainstorming, combing over strategy documents and writing and re-writing the headline to assure it was just right we had come up with the answer: “Mi Data es Su Data.” But the reality is, it happened in a moment. During the briefing from the client the line popped into my head, I messaged our lead account the headline and said “Done!”.

(Side note: We did not charge Snowflake by the hour on this project so no refunds, Denise.)

Sometimes that’s how they come. Many don’t. And the real crux of the story is, regardless of HOW you get there, it takes a smart, courageous client to grant good ideas the light of day. There are thousands of talented writers, art directors, and account people cranking out fabulous ideas for clients. Sadly, there’s just a fraction of clients with the insight, courage and possibly the autonomy to give these ideas life.

Thanks again to the team over at Snowflake for putting their stamp of approval on a fun, on-point outdoor campaign. And those clients out there making decisions on creative, remember, you get what you deserve.

Update: In a twist of validation for this blog post, we just received word that Snowflake has won the award for Best 101 Billboard. This was presented at the Forbes Cloud 100 event in San Francisco. See, clients DO get what they deserve!

“Regardless of HOW you get there, it takes a smart, courageous client to grant good ideas the light of day.”

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