Professional yet personal, bold yet credible, fresh yet familiar. Redefining a brand, particularly within the financial services sector where trust is key, is always a matter of walking a tightrope – just how far can you push while still keeping the core audience happy?


Simplicity. It’s complex.


When we first spoke to Findity they had a very specific (and on the face of it, quite straightforward) problem. They had two separate brands, Findity and Companyexpense. Both provided elegant software for managing company expenses, but Findity was targeting enterprise/white label customers, while Companyexpense was direct sales. This split was causing confusion, both internally and externally, so the decision had been made to unite behind one brand – but which one? If either?

After a series of collaborative workshops between Findity and Sköna, we settled on the name Findity as being the best way forward. Why? Well, Companyexpense, while having a certain straightforward logic (we do expenses for companies, so…) just didn’t have the same potential when it came to building a modern, visually appealing look and feel. We wanted to create a brand with meaning and really showcase Findity’s core message – that they are passionate about eliminating the pain of expense management for everyone, both individuals and businesses.

This message is reflected in every aspect of the new brand, from logo to photography to type to messaging. By way of example:


We wanted a defining mark that could be used in isolation that wasn’t just representing “Findity” but also had real meaning. We needed a symbol that was simple and bold but actually said something – style and content. The final logo mark, a stylized F symbol, is inspired by the Nordic Rune alphabet symbolizing wealth, money, and financial strength tying into the heritage of the company.


Modern and vibrant photography depicts a cross-section of life. A good photograph asks more questions than it answers, making you want to know more. It shows people getting on with their life rather than having to spend a bunch of time on expenses. We wanted to show that while expenses in themselves are not necessarily ‘fun’, having them properly managed frees up time to do the things that really matter to you.

And the result…?

Findity’s new brand and website now unashamedly showcase their unique personality and position, clearly and compellingly projecting an image that is confident, modern, and all about helping people deal with the often frustrating experience of managing their expenses.

It’s a brand that speaks to their strengths and lays the foundation for the next step in their evolution. Who knew that expenses could be this much fun?

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